This event is over, but want to congratulate all those that completed their Virtual Birke and companion events at Nine Mile.   Strange circumstances created the need to provide virtual options for skiers and are glad we could partner with the Birkie to provide a safe and responsible way to complete your race.    Thanks for choosing Nine Mile as your ski destination and hope you return maybe for one of our races in the future such as the Snekkevik or Badger State Games.   

Ski your Virtual Birke at Nine Mile

This year, because of safety concerns around Covid-19, the American  Birkebeiner is allowing individuals to ski their races virtually at a location of your choosing.   The Wausau Nordic Ski Club, in cooperation with The  Birkebeiner  is offering Nine Mile Ski Trails as a Virtual Venue Partner.   That means, there will be designated courses that meet the distance requirements for your event which will be provided and marked during the days in which you can ski your event.    Below outlines the accommodations and support provided at Nine Mile Forest to make your Virtual Birkie possible without having to worry about some of the details.

Nine Mile Website  – please check for chalet hours, fees and Covid restrictions.

Events:  You can ski your Birkie, Korte or Prince Hakkon races and have them count as a participation year.

Dates:   Nine Mile will be marked with signage from February 20 – 28 for all three events.   For the event to count as being completed, you must ski your race on one of these days.

Courses:     Nine Mile Trails does have established 20k, 10k and 6k loops that will be utilized for this purposes.    Maps are available in the chalet and in electronic form to download to your training device.    Two specific courses are identified below along with a chart showing what is needed in terms of laps and add-on distance to complete your race.      The long course will utilize the 20k trail that will require 3k after completing two laps.       The short course will utilize the 6k course that will be skied multiple times to achieve the proper distance.   You can make your own course as long as you meet the requirements of a virtual race completion outlined by the Birkie.

Virtual Birkie Short Course:   The short course is marked by black arrows.    You can also follow the standard 6k course as outlined on the general trail map.   You can use this for all three events and ski the number of laps necessary to get in the proper distance.    To do a 43K Birkie, you would need to ski 7 laps plus a short finish area loop to give you the proper distance    The Korte will require 4 lap plus a  short finish area loop.    Prince Haakon need 2 laps and a short finish loop.    Why do the short course?   This course is meant for someone who does not want to venture too far away from the chalet in order to get more water or just not comfortable being out on the longer trails for 43K.    It also avoids some of the more challenging terrain.

  • 6K Short Course
  • Alternate 6K Short Course :  This course is slightly different then the regular 6K course.    Instead of taking Trail M, you use Trail Y.   The trails run parallel to each other.   You may opt for this one for variety or to avoid just a little bit of climbing   The two courses have almost identical distances.

Virtual Birkie Long Course: The course is marked by red arrows.   You can also following the existing signage for the 20k trail shown on the trail maps.   This course is ideal for completing the Korte or Birkie without having to as many laps.    The Birkie will be two laps plus a 2-3 k loop at the end.    The Korte will be one lap plus another  6k ski.   You can ski the short course and long course and meet the Korte distance requirement.   This course takes in most of the terrain available at Nine Mile with the exception of the Big and Little Alps trails.   Those of you familiar with the Badger State Games course will recognize the layout without having to use a snowmobile trail.

Another Course Suggestion:   The 10k course follows the regular blue trail markers and would be a good one to ski as well.   For a Birkie, you’d just need to ski it four times plus another 3k.   Technically, the 10k is just short of 10k, so if you wanted to make sure of your distance, ski one more kilometer.

Add-on Loops:  When you complete the long or short course, you probably will need to ski a little extra to meet the requirements for a Virtual Birkie, Korte or Prince race.   Below are suggested add-on loops that you can complete your virtual event.

RaceDistanceLapsAdd-on Distance
Long Course   
Short Course   
Prince Haakon14k22

Requirements for Completion:  Please review the Birkie Virtual Race page for details for completion and credit of a Virtual Birkie, Korte or Prince Haakon race.

Support:  From Feb 20-26, the course will be marked and you will be responsible for your own support on course including timing.    On Feb 27-28,  Birkie Weekend, the ski club will have some water and possibly other energy drinks available near the finish line.   Per Covid-19 protocols, these will be available in individual bottles.

Timing:  On Feb 27 & 28, Performance Timing will be on-site to record your virtual race times.   This will include capturing your start and finish as well as lap times.   They will work with you to provide the necessary information to the Birkie to get credit for your race.    Please plan to start your ski between 8:00 am and 11:00 either day.  Check in with John in the chalet to get a timing chip and get registered.      You can ski outside those hours, but you would then be required to time your race on your own.

Fees:  Skiers are expected to have either a season pass for Nine Mile or purchase a daily ski pass.   There are no additional charges for skiing your virtual race at Nine Mile.

Covid-19 Protocols:   You are expected to abide by the Covid-19 mitigation protocols established by Marathon County Parks and Forestry Department that includes limited time in the chalet, masking and proper social distancing.   They are common sense requirements, but please be respectful of your fellow skiers and staff and cooperate with these requirements.

Questions:  You can direct Nine Mile related questions and what we are providing to    For general questions on completion of your virtual event, you should first go to the Birkie Virtual Events page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][mk_table title=”Laps and Add-on Distances Chart” style=”style2″]

CourseEventLapsAdd-on Distance
20K Long CoureBirkie23k
(do the 6k Short Course)
6K Short CourseBirkie71k
 Prince Haakon22k
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