Jan 11 2023


06:30 PM - 08:00 PM



Club Meeting – Birkebeiner Tales from Inga and the Warriors

Join us at Tribute Golf Course and Bunkers Clubhouse for an evening presentation by Jon and Beth Oestrich and Mike Cavanaugh on thier experience as the Birkie Warriors and Inga.   As part of the Birkie activities, the role of the Warriors and Inga is a reenactment of the effort made back in 1206 to save Prince Haakon during the Norwegian Civil War.   They will talk about their epic ski during the 2022 Birkie in which they put on traditional clothing and wooden skis to celebrate the effort to save the future king of Norway.     Mike will also talk about some of his adventures on the Worldloppet circut in which he has skied over the last several years.   The Worldloppet is a series of ski marathons around the globe in that skiers can participate in and earn their Worldloppet passport.

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