Feb 27 2023


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Special Presentation by Ellen Humberston – Ultra Endurance Athlete

Join us for a special presentation by Ellen Humberston and her experiences as an ultra-athlete competing in some extremely demanding events.

Ellen will share her preparations and experience on the trail at the Arrowhead 135, starting in the coldest place in the continental US at the coldest time of the year.  She won the women’s run, pulling a sled with her food and gear for the 135 mile course.  Wind chill dipped to -25F and racers have only two places on course to warm up.  Ellen previously set the women’s course record at the Tuscobia 80 in her two wins which served as her qualifier for the Arrowhead 135.  She is also an Ironman triathlon finisher and recreational skier.  Ellen serves as a race director for WausaUltra and physician assistant for Radiology Associates of Wausau.

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