The Wausau Nordic Ski Club wants to make sure any individuals or families that want to enjoy cross-country skiing are able to do so. With that in mind, we have establsihed the guidelines and procedures outlined below to obtain financial assistance for our youth ski programs. If you have questions on any of this, please email an inquiry to You may also talk with the coaches of the respective teams as they will be familiar with the process and availablity of assistance.

United Ski Team Program Scholarship/Reimbursement Procedure

1.       Program Free Reductions are offered by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club.

2.      The applicant’s parent(s) sends a written request for a Program Scholarship/Reimbursement to the Program Coach.

3.       The applicant’s family must be a Wausau Nordic Ski Club Member

4.       The applicant/family must be willing to assist/volunteer in some way for Club activities (Swap, Snek, Program Help, etc.)  

5.       Approval for reduced Registration Fee(s) is determined by a Program Coach, one other Board Member, and Club Treasurer

6.    All requests are held in the highest confidentiality

7.    Program fee is paid in full during the Registration process and reimbursement is made to the family after approval.

Wausau Nordic Ski Club’s Night Glider Program Reimbursement Policy

  • The Wausau DEVO and Racing Teams will CAP any one family’s costs for Night Glider Registrations at $350 per family for the 2022-23 season.
  • Program Manager will notify the Treasurer with Reimbursement information (name/address to send reimbursement check) as total fees are paid at time of Registration
  • This policy is reviewed each year and cap may be adjusted as needed

Note: Registration Reimbursement Scholarships are funded by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club

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