Night Gliders and United Qualify Skiers for National Events

 In Night Gliders, Wausau Nordic United

February 22, 2022

This weekend was a great one for Wausau at the final Junior National Qualifiers in Rhinelander. Two of our Wausau United Team members (Victoria Myers and Eleanor Bennett) qualified for the US Ski and Snowboard Junior National Championships. They will represent the Great Lakes Division Team. The competition will be held in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis this March (first time the JNQs are back in Minneapolis since 2011 when Jessie Diggins won every event held). Both of these girls are past Night Gliders. We also had Margaret Bennett (a current NG and sister of Eleanor) qualify for the US 16 Championships Team from the Great Lakes Division going to Bogus Basin Idaho to compete in the Western Club Championships. We have never had a Night Glider Qualify for a Junior Regional trip before. The Ski Club and Club Ski Teams will support them in their travels and wish them well in their competitions.

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