Development Team

Program Focus

Emphasis on skill development & technique progression, and FUN skiing with progressing to racing. No prior skiing experience is required.


Participant Fee: $75
WNSC Membership Reqired

Equipment is provided. Ski bag is suggested for transport of equipment.

Clothing provided includes a team jacket, wind pants, practice tops.

Race Expectations

Skiers are only expected to participate in events at Nine Mile which generally includes the Snekkevik and Badger State Games. They may ski other events at their descretion. Parents will be responsible for entries and race fees.

Waxing and Ski Maintenance

Program skis are rarely glide waxed unless they are done by the family Instruction can be provided. Kick waxes are provided by the coaches at classic practices as needed.

Practice Details

Attendance is expected on Tuesday and Thursday nights once the trails at Nine Mile are open.

Practices run from 5:15 to 6:30 pm. Attendance is recorded and rewarded.

Practices begin when Nine Mile opens with adequate snow cover and grooming.

Additional practices that may be scheduled are optional.

No fall dryland training.

Not expected to attend Ski Camp in Houghton

Not expected to travel to early snow at other locations.

Racing Team

Program Focus

Emphasis on racing strategies, speed, power, and endurance. Skill development/technique continues at a higher level.

Participation is dependent on skills, committment, desire and coaches discretion.


Participant Fee: $100 plus $75 race fees. $175 total
WNSC Family Membership Reqired

Equipment is provided.

Skiers will be required to purchase a ski bag to transport skis.

Clothing provided includes a team jacket, race tops and tights. Black warm-up pants are provided by the athlete.

Race Expectations

Skiers are expected to ski in all events on the race calendar which includes approximately 6 events plus the Conference and State Meets.

Race Fees are included in the program fees collected at the beginning of the season except for Badger State Games and State Meet

Waxing and Ski Maintenance

Skis are maintained by the family with assistance and waxes provided for major races.

Practice Details

Fall Dryland training is expected (scheduled by coach)

Expected to attend Ski Camp in Houghton over the holiday break. Dates to be announced.

Tuesday/Thursday practice at 5:15 to 6:30PM.

Additional practices are be scheduled depending on time of season and racing schedule.

Attendance Required

Expected to travel to snow if not in Wausau 

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