Nine Mile Forest Timber Cutting – Summer 2019

 In Nine Mile

For those of you looking to enjoy Nine Mile Forest during the summer months, please be aware of the timber cutting activity that will be taking place around the core area of  the ski trails.    The cutting will be done in the pine areas and will be a thinning cut.   Trees marked with an orange mark will be removed.   A couple of maps are provided here so that you can see where the cutting will take place relative to your planned activities.   The plan is to start on the west end of the cutting area and move east.   Weather, mostly rain, will impact the length of time needed to complete the harvest.    They expect to start in early July and end in early August.

The areas enclosed by the red lines indicate the areas where cutting will take place.   There are yellow lines that indicate the truck haul routes and landing areas where wood will be stacked.   As you look at the map, you’ll notice that this area impacts the pine plantations around the chalet, so it’s very important to be aware of this as you access this area.

Nine Mile County Forest: Sale #663-17 Map

Bike Trail Map and Cutting Areas

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