Nine Mile Update – 9:00 AM, Monday Dec 2

 In Nine Mile

Update:  6:00 PM, Dec 2:    Conditions at Nine Mile are excellent!    Check out pictures on  the Wausau Nordic Facebook page.

With the snow this weekend, there is a good deal of interest in getting on the trails at Nine Mile and this will serve as an update on everything we know at the moment regarding conditions. First, Nine Mile will not open officially until after the close of the last deer gun season concludes on December 15. There is currently a muzzleloader season in progress for the next 10 days and a four day, anterless season that follows and ends on Dec 15.
However, good grooming practices require the trails to be groomed on a consistent basis once the snow starts to fall With that, we have received word that Nine Mile is currently being groomed and all interior trails have been groomed. Additional grooming on the remainder of the trail system is ongoing today.
The chalet will remain closed until Nine Mile officially opens, but the lights on the trails will be turned on and the parking lot is plowed.
Even though Nine Mile is not officially open, you can still ski there knowing that the chalet is not open or other services available. Daytime skiing is NOT recommended during the next two weeks during the deer gun seasons. If you do ski during the daylight hours, please wear blaze orange! Also, brown and white are not good colors to wear. We’d recommend skiing at night on the lighted trails.
As soon as we get people out there on skis, we will post some conditions reports.
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