Wausau Nordic Skiers Awards Winners

Each year, the club honors individuals and other organizations that have contributed to the Club and cross-country skiing in general.

In addition to these awards, the Club also provides scholarships to skiers each year for their participation on local teams and other criteria.   Past recipients of these awards can be found on our Scholarship page.


Hans Berg – Carol Aggen

John Howard/Jim Adams Volunteer of the Year Award (Plaque) – John Beatty

Skier Development Award – Mike Cavenaugh (Wausau Awards Cup & $50 Gift Certificate)

Family Ski Award – Ron, Shannon, and Veronica Roloff (Wausau Awards Cups & $50 Gift Certificate)

Business Award – Builer’s Cycle & Fitness (Tom Builer) Wausau Awards Cup & $50 Gift Certificate)


Hans Berg – Bernie & Sally Wenzel

Family Ski Awards –  Al, Peg, and Cooper Stamp  (Wausau Awards Cups_

Volunteer Service Awards – Dave & Carol Aggen ($50 Chamber GiftCertificate)

Volunteer Couple – Tom & Annette Goltz ($50 Chamber Gift Certificate)


Hans Berg – Tracy Gorzek

Skier Development Awards – Ross Dreger and Ernie Luedke (gift Certificates of $250)

Family Ski Awards – Browns (Doug, Tarisa, Ben, Luke, & Will) – Wausau Awards Cups

Volunteer Service Awards (Club Jackets) – Floyd Enzenbach, Al Limberg, John Beatty, Greg Kresse,

and Mike Cavenaugh

Door prizes (? drawing of volunteers in attendance) 10 Gift Certificates of $25 each and Club Hats


Hans Berg – Ron Roloff

Pace Setter (Vests) – Peg Stamp, Chris Nichols, Zack Trulen, Peter Young, Shannon Roloff, Tom Zehren

Pine Tars: Paul Jahns, Harry Bourquin, & Lee Kelly for long term service/Swap set-up (Wausau Awards Cups)

Community Service – Mike Matakovich (Wausau Awards Plaque – individual award not Forward Electronics)

Business Award – Habush, Habush, and Rottier – Free Club Business Membership for 2017-2018

Family Ski Award – Lozon (Ryan, Shannon, Cole, Jake, Evan) – Wausau Awards Cups

Volunteer Service Award – Perry Dau for Board Work (Chamber Gift Certificate $100)

Volunteer Couple – Dave and Carol Aggen (Wausau Award Cups)


Hans Berg – Rick & Paula Barnes

Pace Setter – Carol Aggen, Ernie Leudke, Annette Goltz, Floyd Enzenbach  (biking Shirts)

Family Ski Award – Dan & Kristen Novitch, Jacob, and Caleb (Wausau Awards Cups)

Business Award – Performance Timing John Burke (Free Business Club Membership for 2016-2017)

President’s Award – Anne Marshall ($100 gift certificate) Swap work


Hans Berg – Babs Zehren

Pace Setter – Rick Barnes, Ron Roloff, Tom Wald, Kathy Beatty, Ross Dreger (biking shirts)

Family Ski Award – The Lackmans – Randy, Zara, Lauren, and Jack (Wausau Awards cups)

Business Award – Bradley Chiropractic (plaque)

President’s Awards – Greg Kresse, Jeanne Alexejun (biking shirts)


HansBerg – Igor Badamshin (posthumously)

Wausau Nordic Pacesetter Vests – Tracy Gorzek, Mark Timken

Family Ski Award – The Kochs (Eric, Sherry, Andrew, Nathan, Stephen) Cups with name & club logo

Community Service – Anne Marshall $50 gift certificate

Volunteers Service Awards – Lucy Harvey, Mary Ann Berger, Gigi Koenig, Cups and $25 gift certificates


HansBerg – John Hugus

Wausau Nordic Pacesetter Vests – Tom Goltz, Jeff Hinueber, Dawn Sillars

Family Ski Award – The Dregers (Ross, Kelly,Olivia – Cups with logo)

Community Service (plaque & t-shirt) – Dave Hugus (snow making)

Volunteer Service Awards ($50 gift certificate) Ann Marshall(ski swap),  Dave Borgemoen (wax clinics), Sharon Bertler (vending)


HansBerg –  John & Beth Burke

Volunteers – Lee Kelly – for years of garage storage, and Mike Nichols (cups & t-shirts)

Wausau Nordic Pacesetter Vests  –  Phil Harder, Rick Barnes, Bob Robinson, Bonnie Dau

Ski Family Awards  –  Anderson’s (Scott, Angel, Bergen, & Victor – cups with logo)

Community – Scott Sann – Greenwood Hills Country Club (plaque & t-shirt)

Matriarch – Rachel Kresse (cutting board with logo)


Hans Berg –  Dan & Barb Maguire

Community – 9 Mile Groomers: Andy Hoppe, Steve Konkel, Tim Baumann (shirt)

Wausau Nordic Pacesetter Vests – Linda Heeren, Bernie & Sally Wenzel, Ross Dreger, Lindsey Doede, Ron Roloff

Volunteers – Honorarium John/Beth Burke for Donation of Timing ($300 from Snek account)

Dan Leider & Denny Helke for years of service on the Board (cups & dinner out)


HansBerg – John Beatty

Wausau Nordic Pacesetter Vests – Mary Calmes, Tom Wald, Dan Maguire, Ron Wood, Angel Anderson

Community Service – Mels Sporting Goods Rhinelander (plaque), Wausau Daily Herald Sports Department (ad in the paper)

Volunteer Recognition- Jean Hall, Bernie Wenzel, Sally, Wenzel, Glen Yeager (glass mug & $25)

Night Glider Coaches – Given a stipend from the Night Glider Account and presented at the NG Awards

Mark & Sue Parman, Jay Sween, Mike Cavenaugh, Megan Marshall, and Ellie Eckert


Hans Berg – Jeanne Alexejun

Wausau Nordic Pace Setter Vests- Mike Marshall, Jim Adams, John Hugus, Scott Anderson, Barb Bradley, Denny Helke to buy something comparable and we will imprint/pay cost of purchase

Community Service – BSG Commissioners XC Ski Pat Meyer, Gary Zimbric, and Darrell Kurth, Snow Shoe – Joel Braatz, and Quadratholon – Jeanne Alexejun ($50 gift certificates)

Volunteer Recognition – Ann Wood & Linda Heeren (glass mug and $25 gift certificate)


Hans Berg – John Howard

Wausau Nordic Pace Setter Vests-  Dan Leider, Rachel Kresse, Greg Kresse, Anne Marshall, Barb Maguire, Perry Dau, Al Limberg, Paula Barnes, Jeanne Alexejun, John Beatty, Todd Craig, Sarah Craig, Dave Borgemoen, John Burke, John Howard, Sue Parman, Mark Parman, Jay Sween, Al Tesch, Mike Cavenaugh


Hans Berg – Dave & Susan Kaz-Borgemoen

Recognition Certificates – Paul & Laura Martin, John & Beth Burke, Todd & Sarah Craig, Anne & Mike Marshall, Barb & Dan Maguire


Hans Berg – Allen Limberg

Recognition Gift Certificates – Kathy Beatty, Jim Gallagher, Susie Kaz-Borgemoen, Barb Maguire, Paula Barnes, Vicki Doede, Babs Zehren


Hans Berg – Denny Helke

Recognition Gift Certificates: Hilary Scholz, Phil Harder


Hans Berg – Greg & Rachel Kresse

Recognition Gift Certificates – John Beatty, John Howard, Bill Bowler, Dan Leider


Hans Berg – Jeff Hineuber

Pine Tar – Babs Zehren, Michelle Lee, Annette Goltz


Hans Berg – Anne & Mike Marshall

Pine Tar – Jeff Hineuber, Merlin Baur, Barb Bradley, John Hugus, Barb & Carl Drake, Jeanne Alexjun

Life Time – Russ (Spike) Berg

Special Awards to all children in the “Night Glider’s Program”


Hans Berg – Jeff Martin

Pine Tar – John Beatty, Gary Krall, Peter & Mark Gebhardt

Community Service Award – Sue Leider for her DC Everest BSG Cookie Baking Class

Club Appreciation – Mark Heyde


Hans Berg – Nancy Gallagher

Pine Tar – Greg & Rachel Kresse, Dave & Susie Kaz-Borgemoen

Volunteers of the Year – John Howard

Community Service Award – VanErt Electric

Presidents Thank You mugs – Ann VanErt, Trish

Lighting Project Mugs – Denny Helke, Al Limberg, Barb Bradley, Gary Zimbric, Erik Anderson, John Hugus, John & Kathy Beatty, Jim & Nancy Gallagher, Dave & Susie Kaz-Borgoemen, John Howard, Ron Wood,

Don Roberts, Mike & Anne Marshall, Paul Jahns, Lloyd Kurtzweil, Jerry Nest, Pat Meyer, Greg & Rachel Kresse,

Jeff Hinueber, Carl & Kerry Hamm, Jessie Kurth, Darrell Kurth, Jeff Martin, Jim Adams


Hans Berg – Darrell Kurth

Pine Tar – John Howard, Sue Leider, Jeff Hinueber, Ron Roloff, Bill Volm, Mike Matakovich

Club Appreciation – Pam & Kevin Kessler


Hans Berg – Don Zempel

Pine Tar – Kevin Kessler, Scott Thompson, Greg Falk

Volunteer of the Year – Leo Baur, Merlin Baur, Jim Adams, John Howard

Honorary Life Time Membership – Leo & June Baur


Hans Berg – Brain Buckli

Pine Tar – Mike & Anne Marshall, Paul Moscherosch, Jim Tipple, VerJean Smith


Hans Berg – Steve & Linda Konkel

Pine Tar – Denny Helke, Mike & Kathy McElwain, Al Limberg, Sue Ford


Hans Berg – Dan Leider

Pine Tar – Paul Jahns, Jim Gallagher, Jeff Martin, Marge Beckman

Community Service – Wendy’s


Hans Berg – Spike Berg

Pine Tar – Don Zilkowski, Jack Sittler, Barb Roberts

Volunteer of the Year – Steve & Linda Konkel

Community Service – 29 Super Foods


Hans Berg – Jim Adams

Pine Tar – Brian Buckli, Bill Lambert, Harry Heinemann

Community Service – Builers Schwinn Cyclery


Hans Berg – Sue Zimbric

Pine Tar – Steve Johnson, Linda Konkel, Craig Sanford, Darrell Kurth

Volunteer of the Year – Harry Bourquin

Community Service – Wausau Insurance Co.


Hans Berg – Lee & Joanne Kelly

Pine Tar – Wes Doak, Steve Konkel, Sabina Fox, Les Schwartz

Volunteer of the Year – Sue Zimbric

Community Service – Wisconsin Valley Radio Assoc.


Hans Berg – Tony & Sandy Fox

Pine Tar – Jim Adams, Kay Meyer, Dan Leider, Jim Lentz

Community Service – Marathon County Forestry Dept.


Hans Berg – Harry & Sandy Bourquin

Pine Tar – Mark Heyde, Don Roberts, Spike Berg, Stan Schacht, Nancy Gallagher


Hans Berg – Janet Reichl

Pine Tar – Pat Meyer, Chad McGrath, Harry & Sandy Bourquin


Hans Berg – Gary Zimbric

Pine Tar – Paul Withington, Janet Reichl, Tony & Sandy Fox


Hans Berg – Leo Baur

Pine Tar – Sue Zimbric, Lee & Joanne Kelly, Gene Ritter


Hans Berg – Dick Kloppenburg

No Pine Tar


Hans Berg – Tom & Annette Goltz

No Pine Tar


Hans Berg – Gerald Bauer

No Pine Tar


Hans Berg – Jim Gallagher

No Pine Tar

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