Below are some common questions about the ski swap and how it works.

  1. When can I bring in my equipment for consignment?
    Please bring your equipment in on Saturday, November 5 between 8:00 am to 11:30 am. There is no equipment drop-off on Friday this year.
  2. What does “consignment” mean?
    Consignment means that you are asking another to hold onto your property for sale. With the
    Wausau Ski Swap you are asking the Wausau Ski Swap to sell your equipment for you.
  3. Am I going to have to sign a contract or something?
    Yes, please read and familiarize yourself with the terms of the Wausau Ski Swap Agreement
    before you come in to SELL your equipment. Only sellers have to sign the contract. We will
    need your name, address (mailing) and full telephone number. The person who signs the
    contract MUST be 18 years of age or older.
  4. What can I do to my equipment before hand to make it get the best price?
    Clean it! Clean it! Clean it! If it is broken or really old then it will not sell. The Wausau Ski
    Swap has very little space and heavily worn or broken equipment does not sell. A list of
    equipment we accept is listed further down. Sell it the way you would like to buy it!
  5. What equipment will not be allowed in the Swap?
    NORDIC: Three pin bindings, cable bindings except on “bush / wilderness” skis, poles
    without baskets, skis that have been “re-glued”, torn / well used clothing.
    ALPINE: Straight skis, rear entry boots (older models), poles that have no baskets or are bent,
    anything with rust (except edges), torn / well used clothing, helmets w/o labels,
    WARNING to DOWNHILL EQUIPMENT SELLERS: Some downhill equipment is no longer
    serviced or recommended for continued use by its manufacturer or by local sellers, we will
    NOT allow the sale of equipment we know that presents a danger to another.
  6. What equipment sells the best?
    Clean, well cared for skis, boots, poles, binding, boards. Ski and boot bags, helmets, gently
    used and clean clothing, winter coats, bibs, ski pants, roof top carriers (with all of the parts) and
    so on. Snow shoes (new and classic), ski wax benches, waxing gear, ski & speed suits.
    These items we have found do not sell well: Ski gloves, used scarves and face masks (just think
    why), very dirty equipment, anything broken severely scratched, clothing with stains or tears.
  7. What if I am a commercial vendor?
    If you are a commercial vendor please read the “Commercial Vendor’s Addendum” on our web site.
    You must follow Those terms and conditions exactly to get the commercial vendor discount.
  8. What if I am not a commercial vendor but have a large amount of equipment to sell?
    Thank you for thinking of this. If you are a private seller (i.e., not a commercial seller) you can
    help us by preparing in advance. If you have over 10 items you wish to sell this will save a huge
    about of time for you and us, here’s what you do:
    1. Download the Large Quanity Form and fill it out. Follow instructions at the end of the form.
    2. Make sure to save it.
    3. Send a copy to or print a copy and bring it to the Swap when you
      drop off your gear. If you send us a copy via email at by Wednesday, Nov 3, it would be
      greatly apprecaited and save more time.

  9. So what is done at “check-in”?
    We will need your name, address and phone numbers for our computerized sales consignment
    software if you want to SELL any equipment.
  10. Will I get some sort of receipt when I drop off my equipment?
    Yes you will. Along with a copy of the Wausau Ski Swap Contract, you will also get a print
    out of your inventory spread sheet. Please verify it against your own records.
  11. Is there a contract I have to sign?
    Yes, you will have to sign the Wausau Ski Swap Agreement permitting
    Wausau Ski Swap to sell your equipment.
  12. Is there a charge for Wausau Ski Swap services?
    Yes, the Wausau Ski Swap charges private consignees twenty-five percent (25%) of the sales
    price as commission.
  13. Can I exchange my equipment for equipment at the sale?
    Unfortunately that is not possible. You must pay for the equipment you purchase with cash,
    good check or credit card. You will get a check for your equipment sold after the sale.
  14. What if someone walks off with my stuff?
    Wausau Ski Swap will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. You are
    selling your gear at your own risk. We will have security at the doors, and we do our best to
    control loss, but ultimately, we are unable to control all risks. Please review the consignment agreement for details
  15. So what happens if someone buys a pair of my skis?
    When your gear sells our software will keep track of the sale. When you come in at the end of
    the day you will get a print out of what has been sold and what has not been sold. Wausau Ski
    Swap will then give you a check for your gear sold less our commission.
  16. Can I buy gear on Friday night or Saturday morning before the Wausau Ski Swap is open
    to the public?

    You will have to wait until Noon on Saturday morning for the Wausau Ski Swap to
    open. Members of the Wausau Nordic Club and the Rib Mountain Ski Club who are working
    the Wausau Ski Swap will be allowed to purchase equipment early (each club will have their
    own rules). Hey they are members and this is one of the perks of member participation at the
    Wausau Ski Swap! So join and participate!

  17. When can I get in to purchase?
    The doors will open to the public at Noon for the public sale. While there may still be
    people inside checking in their gear, the line for the sale starts outside. We will let in folks in
    single file and in an orderly manner to prevent injury and damages to property.
  18. Does Wausau Ski Swap will accept credit cards?
    Yes we will! The Wausau Ski Swap will accept cash, good checks as well as Visa,
    MasterCard and Discover Card. This year there will be separate credit card transaction fees.
  19. Can I try out the equipment before I buy it?
    Well you can try it on, but no equipment leaves the building without it being purchased! If you
    are buying boots please wear ‘winter socks’ to get the proper fit. We will have boot size charts
    up on the racks to help with the weird sizing charts that exist for alpine boots!
    WARNING: Please understand that the Wausau Ski Swap does not own this equipment
    therefore there are NO REFUNDS! NO RETURNS! NO WARRANTIES!
  20. Are there any other promotions?
    Some of our commercial vendors such as Wausau’s Shepard and Schaller will be having
    coupons and other promotions. Please ask for them if you do not see any!
    If you join either the Rib Mountain Ski Club or the Wausau Nordic Club and you help out at
    the swap you may get a benefit offered by the club.

  21. If some of my gear is sold when can I come and get my money?
    Checks and equipment will be available ONLY after 5 pm. We cannot assure you that your
    check will be ready before then as there are several factors that slow us down and the biggest is
    the physical difficulty of writing hundreds of checks in the last hours of the sale.
  22. Can I get my equipment early?
    Why? Based on years of experience we are busy with sales until the very, very end. Please
    give us a chance. However, if it is important, we can pull your equipment. All we ask is a
    small service fee. Chocolate chip cookies oughta do!
  23. What if I forget to pick up my equipment or my check?
    If all of your equipment is sold we can mail your check to you. If you forgot to get your
    equipment we will call or text you. But we have to be out of the building by 7:00 pm. Wausau
    Ski Swap will consider your left behind equipment as abandoned if we are unable to get a hold
    of you.
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