Youth Skiers at National Events Had a Great Time Representing the Great Lakes Division.

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Last week was a busy week for some of our Wausau Nordic Ski Club members who had the opportunity to represent the Great Lakes Division at Junior Nationals in Minneapolis and the Western U16 Championships at Bogus Basin, Idaho.

Tori Myers (U16) and Eleanor Bennett (U18) are members of the Wausau United Nordic High School Team that is supported by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club. They skied four races over 6 days at the Theodore Wirth Park near downtown Minneapoils against skiers from across the Country. They qualified for the right to ski at JNs by competing in a series of races held during the season besides skiing for their High School team. The Great Lakes team won the Small Team division.

The Great Lake team poses for a picture near the Stone Arch Bridge in Downtown Minneapolis. Margaret and Tori are the ones helping hold the Great Lakes sing are are 10th and 11th from the left. Members of the team come from both Wisconsin and Michigan.

Margaret Bennett is a member of the Wausau Night Gliders program which is also hosted by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club skied in Idaho. She is the first Night Glider to qualify for a National trip in the history of the program. She also skied in the same Junior Qualifier events that Tori and Eleanor competed to qualify for the trip out west. Margaret’s team finished 3rd as a team and also took home the sportsmanship trophy.

The combined Great Lakes and Midwest teams pose for a picture at the Bogus Basin ski area in Idaho. The Great Lakes team is on the right and the Midwest team, which is made up of skiers from Minnesota is on the right. Margaret Bennett is in the front row, 4th from the left.

All had a great time and enjoyed their trip. Congratulations to all three skiers for their successful season and representing the Ski Club at these events.

Margaret Bennett skis up some of the tough terrian at Bogus Basin in the freestyle race at the U16 Western Championships. Keep in mind that she is up a few thousand feet above sea level making this a challenging effort.
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