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Adult members play a pivotal role within the Wausau Nordic Ski Club, serving as the backbone of the organization's vitality and growth. Their dedication and enthusiasm not only contribute to the vibrant community of cross-country skiers but also help mentor and inspire younger generations.

Enjoying the Nordic Ski Lifestyle!

Adults often assume leadership positions, organizing events, coaching, and maintaining the club's infrastructure, ensuring that it remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all skill levels. Additionally, their involvement often extends beyond the trails, fostering a sense of camaraderie through social gatherings and support networks. In essence, adult members are the stewards of the Wausau Nordic Ski Club's legacy, ensuring its continued success and nurturing the passion for Nordic skiing in their community.


Adult lessons and sometimes special ski trips are offered throughout the season. Adult Lessons are held on Tuesday evenings in January. No experience is required: there is room for all and you are welcome to join us! View the FAQ and join us to teach or learn or improve your Nordic Skiing!


Dryland Training

Watch emails and Facebook for updates. Adult Dryland training is held at various locations like Doepke Park in Rib Mountain. It will combine aerobic fitness work with ski specific drills to help prepare us for the transition to snow. Jon Oestreich, Bob Robinson, Gary Zimbric and Barb Bradley will lead the groups depending on their availability. 

The sessions will last about an hour and a half. A pair of shorter ski poles, outdoor workout attire, and a water bottle are all that is required.

Questions or to assist in running programs email Jon here.

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