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Wausau Nordic History

Our Community History

1971 -72

  • 11/9/71  – 40 people showed up for a X-C ski clinic sponsored by Shepherd and Schaller Sporting Goods store at the Elks club and showed an interest in forming a club.  Ray Kirschhoffer Marathon Co. Park Dept. Recreation Coordinator presided over the meeting.

  • 12/1/71 – 1st club meeting, Ray Kerschhoffer scheduled a meeting to form a club at the Little Red School House in Marathon Park.  The Wausau Area Cross-Country Ski club (24 members strong) was formed.  They elected Al Langlois President, Mrs. Dan Doye Treasurer, and Jim Gallagher Events chairman.

  • 12/12/71 – 1st club outing at the American Legion Golf Course. Cosponsored by the Wausau Park Department.

  • 1/5/72 – The 2nd club meting again at the Little Red School House to get more organized and set a schedule for outings.

  • Outings: Big Sandy Creek, Mission Lake, Eau Claire Dells park, Eau Pleine Park, High School Forest, Zimmerman Farm, Mead Wild Life Area, Half Moon Lake, and Merrill Council Grounds State Park.

1972 – 73

  • 8/72 -Snekkeviks move to Wausau (Asbjorn, Vigdis & 2 children – Veidung and Robert) Asbjorn had been skiing and coaching for the Michigan Tech ski team and also won several USSA races in the Central Division.

  • 12/13/72 – Club met and new officers were elected: Jim Gallagher President, Ray Kirschhoffer Vice President, W. Locher Sec/Treasurer, Chairpersons / Board Members: Robert Reuter Events, Asbjorn Snekkevik Racing.

  • Outings: mostly the same as last year plus Indian Head Golf Course and Underdown Recreation Area.

  • Dues set at $1.00/family (35 members).

  • 1/30/72 – 1st ski clinic held.  Asbjorn led the clinic.  He knew what he was doing.

  • 2/72 – Asbjorn (with son in his backpack), Jim Gallaher, and Harry Heinemann checked out Rib Mtn. for a possible trail to hold a race.  Spike Berg had told Asbjorn that his dad Hans used to race on a trail long ago.  They found parts of the trail and made their way past the 3M quarry and bushwhacked their way to the head wall of the downhill ski area.  Asbjorn skied down and made a “hockey stop” at the bottom. Harry and Jim walked down the headwall and had “fun” traversing back and forth to get down the rest of the hill.

1973 -74

  • Jim Gallagher President, Steve Krause Vice President, Diane Kleinschmidt Secretary-Treasurer, and Chairpersons / Board Members: Robert Reuter Events, Asbjorn Snekkevik Racing

  • Asbjorn gave demos at meetings on equipment, waxing, conditioning.

  • Club joined a State – Wide Ski touring council (similar to Snowmobile Council)

  • Worked with DNR to develop 2 trails exclusively for X-C skiing both about 5 Km at Sylvan Hill/ American Legion and Nine Mile Swamp.

  • 3 – M Corp. nixed the Rib Mtn. trail plans as they had liability worries that someone would commit suicide by jumping in the quarry.

  • Loyal LeMere headed up adult ski lessons.

  • Gary Mussell gave 1st aid course.

  • 2/24/73 – 1st Touring Rally held at Lincoln Hill School.  Rich Prange a teacher at the school and Asbjorn laid out the trail on school property.  The mass start rally started at the school and was a “Fun” event – not a race (although times were kept), and prizes were given for oldest skier, youngest, most pregnant looking man, farthest away, etc.  Girls at the school baby-sat the kids of participants.  A “down-hill” pin was awarded to all that finished the course.

  • The Rally was held for 6 yrs. although the pin was replaced with a patch, a ribbon, or a photo of the mass start.

1974 -75

  • Gary Mussell President, Loyal Lemere Vice president, Pat Olsen Secretary – treasurer, Deanne Bauer Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Loyal LeMere, Clinic instruction, Jim Gallagher, Trail Clearing, Chuck Olsen, Special Events, Yvonne Walls Publicity, Asbjorn Snekkevik Racing

  • Dues increased to $2.00/individual, $3.00 Family  (78 members).

  • Outings included Underdown, Wausau to Brokaw, and Ice Age Trail near Ringle.

  • 1/12/75 – 1st Bus Trip to Kettle Bow down – hill area.  ($2.50/person).  (27 people)

  • “Ski – For – Distance” sponsored by USSA and the Presidents Fitness Program started (log miles skied and get a medal for 150 mi, 200 mi. etc.)

  • Promotional film of Asbjorn skiing filmed by the DNR shown at club meeting

  • 2/1/75 – 1st race held in Wausau – “The Wisconsin Opener” – a USSA Regional race was held on the 5km Sylvan Hills/ American Legion course.  32 skiers participated (same # as 1st Birkebeiner).  The track was set by hand the night before – Gene Ritter and Jim Gallagher pulled a 4 ft. chain link fence ahead of Asbjorn who pulled a homemade track sled.  Asbjorn froze his feet that night but still managed to win the 10k race the next day.

  • 2/75 – Asbjorn placed 1st in the touring division the Birkebeiner and won a trip back to Norway to compete in the Norwegian Birkebeiner in March.  Vigdis Snekkevik won the women’s overall.

1975 – 76

  • Jerry Bauer president, Carol Wellner Secretary – Treasurer, same Chairpersons  / Board Members

  • 9 Mile Swamp trail expanded to 10 Km including Leo’s Loop and some outer trails.

  • Money was raised to put trail signs at both Sylvan Hill/American Legion and 9 – mile

  • 1/11/75 – Race in Wausau re-named “The Wausau Invite” and became no longer a USSA race, as most racers were not USSA members.

1976 – 77

  • (85 Members)

  • Jerry Bauer President, Chuck Olsen Vice-president, Dorothy Raatz Secretary – treasurer, Dorothy Raatz Newsletter Chairpersons / Board Members: Trip Leader and Scheduling Gary Mussell, Clinic Instruction Loyal LeMere, Trails – Gene Ritter Sylvan Hills, Jerry Bauer, 9 Mile Swamp, Asbjorn Snekkevik, Racing, Carol Wellner, Rally, Mark Robinson, Publicity.

  • Marathon County Recreational Planning Committee formed (Asbjorn served as the club representative).  Note: Later the County formed a Cross – Country Ski Advisory committee as part of the Forestry Recreational and Planning Committee.

  • Wausau West H. S. X-C ski club formed, Jim Gallagher advisor, skier Todd Zumack President.

  • 1/15,16/77 – Wausau Invite included a Sunday Relay race.  At the awards ceremony Gene Ritter and Jim Gallagher announced that the race would be called “The Snekkevik Classic” from now on to honor them. They moved back to Norway that spring.

  • 2/15/77 – 1st Pot Luck Supper at Sylvan Hill Chalet and also a farewell supper honoring the Snekkeviks.

  • Billy Goat hills trail established – about 2 mi running from Rib Mtn. Bowman club house to Gus Lang’s Nature trail and back (parallel to Hwy 51).  This trail only lasted 2 yrs.  It was too narrow and dangerous and could not be improved or expanded.

1977 – 78

  • Jerry Bauer President, James Rogers Vice president, Jean Sorenson Secretary – treasurer, Anne Rardie Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Dwayne & Diane Kleinschmidt Publicity, Chairpersons / Board Members Loyal LeMere Clinic & Instruction, Jim Gallagher, Racing, Tom Goltz Special Events, Gary Mussel Trip Leading, Stan Schacht, Rally

  • Club name Changed to “Wausau Nordic Skiers”

  • 1/7, 1/8/78 – Snekkevik Classic held again at the SH/AL course

  • 2/3/78 – 2nd bus trip scheduled to River Falls trail ($3.50/person)

  • 2/18 – Winter Frolic Ski Marathon held (Pepsi Challenge).

1978 – 79

  • Bob Dean President, Cuck Olsen Vice President, Jean Sorenson Secretary – treasurer, Chairpersons / Board Members: Paul Withington Publicity, Dick Kloppenburg Newsletter, Jim Gallagher Trails, Stan Schacht Trips, Tom Goltz Special events, Loyal LeMere Clinics, John Clausen, Bob Reuter, Nancy Heinemann.

  • Dues increased to $3 & $5.

  • Brokaw Heights trail (17.5 Km) opened. Established with help from Wausau Paper Mill forester Jack Hamilton (who also helped lay out the Underdown trails).  It was considered one of the best trails in the State.

  • Donations for the construction of the Brokaw trails came from:  Alexander Foundation, Wausau Insurance, Area Sporting Goods Stores, and club members.

  • Three other trails established with help from the County forester Leo Baur and DNR forester Glen Wieggenstin:
    1) Eau Pleine park – old snow mobile trails converted to ski trails with help from Mike & Kathy McElwain.
    2) Kronenwetter Forestry Unit trail
    3) Burma Rd. Forestry Unit

1979 – 80

  • Same officers

  • Donations received for grooming from Marathon Electric and Wausau Insurance Co.

  • Ringle Trail established around the Solid Waste sight.  Barb Roberts trail boss.  Solid Waste did leveling and clearing.

  • Club took out a $6,000 loan to purchase a snowmobile and grooming equipment.

1980 – 81

  • Paul Withington President,

  • Paul established a larger “Board of Directors” which included members other than officers

  • 12/10/81 – The Forestry, Recreation, Zoning and Planning Committee agreed to groom most of the X-C trails for the ski season (with club’s snowmobile and equipment and insurance) as long as there are funds available from donations.

1981 – 82

  • Paul Withington President,

  • 09/01/82 – Forestry, Recreation, Zoning and Planning Committee turned down the club’s request that all trails at 9 – Mile be widened for a double track.  The committee felt that it would double the cost of grooming with a single-track setter.

  • 12/15/82 – Club holds a Krazee Christmas Auction at Wausau Newman to raise money for grooming, purchasing a track setter & trail improvement.

  • 03/82 – 1st Hans Berg Award given to Jim Gallagher.

  • Note:  The Hans Berg Award is given for consistent and dedicated efforts on behalf of the sport of cross country skiing in Marathon County, and for the leadership qualities exhibited in directing activities of the Wausau Nordic Ski Club.

1983 – 84?

  • 03/83 – Hans Berg Award is given to Gerald Bauer.

  • 03/84 – Hans Berg Award given to Tom & Annette Goltz.

  • (No other information available at this time).

1984 – 85

  • Gary Zimbric President, Tom & Annette Goltz Vice-presidents, Janet Reichl Secretary – treasurer, Dick Kloppenburg Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Stan Schacht, American Legion, Jim Albrect, Indianhead, Fred Minnich, clinics, Jim Gallagher, Brokaw Heights, Paul Withington, Ringle trail.

  • After years of covering swampy areas with logs and pallets, Jerry Bauer and Leo Baur arranged funding for culverts and fill for a causeway that crosses a swampy area at 9 mile swamp.

  • 688th Engineering Battalion of the Army Reserve expanded the parking lot at 9-mile and rebuilt an outer loop.

  • 11/10,11 – 1st Ski Swap held at Newman High School.  Great success.

  • Trail established at Indianhead Golf Course and adjacent County land.

  • Bill Koch League started by Sue Zimbric with help from Linda and Steve Konkel

  • Lessons and racing and fun on snow offered for youth 8 – 14 yrs. old.

  • 10th Snekkevik Classic moved to Brokow ski trail.

  • Money still needed to pay off grooming equipment.

  • 03/85 – Hans Berg Award given to Dick Kloppenburg.

1985 – 86

  • Same officers as last year, except Sandy Bourquin Secretary and Janet Reichl Treasurer.

  • 3/85 – Ray Kerschhoffer appointed county X-C ski coordinator

  • Wausau Papers Mill Co. clear-cut back part of Brokaw trail.  Back part of trail could not be used that season.

  • 1/11/86 – Snekkevik Classic moved to 9 Mile Swamp.

  • Start of Skating, so 9 Mile trail was widened and improved to accommodate skating thanks to Gary Zimbric & Leo Baur.

  • Don Zempel hired to groom all trails with help from Leo Baur and DNR/County forest Administrator Mark Heyde.  Club and trail donations still had to pay for grooming and insurance.

  • Pepsi Challenge held at 9 Mile (most distance skied in 6 hrs.).

  • 03/86 – Hans Berg Award given to Leo Baur.

1986 – 87

  • Harry Bourquin president, Annette Goltz vice-president, Janet Reichl Treasurer, Sandy Bourquin Secretary, Dick Kloppenburg Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Jim Gallagher Trails, Tony Fox clinics, Joanne Kelly Membership, Gary Zimbric Past president, Tom Goltz Competition, Harry Heinemann Director at large, Moya Mowbray Program director.

  • Leo Baur retires after many years service to Marathon County.

  • Club purchased a new groomer (Track Truck) for $20,000 with a donation from a local foundation of $5,0000 and the club took out a loan for $15,000 (Gary Zimbric 1st put purchase on his credit card). Note: families of officers of club were held accountable to bank should default on loan occur.

  • Snekkevik Classic now includes both Free Style (Skating) and Classic races.

  • Sold old snowmobile and trailer to help pay off new groomer.

  • 1st button passes sold in Marathon Co. for $10.00.

  • 9 – Mile trail improved and widened.

  • 03/86 – Hans Berg Award given to Gary Zimbric.

1988 – 89

  • Lee Kelly President, Leo Baur Vice President, Dick Kloppenberg Newsletter, Jerry Kurtzweil Programs, Chairperson / Board Members: Tony & Sandy Fox, Tom & Annette Goltz, Joanne Kelly, Kay Meyer, Jim & Nancy Gallagher, Sandy & Harry Bourquin, Don Dixon, Mark Heyde, Gary & Sue Zimbric, Mark Heyde, Ray Kirschhoffer

  • Badger State Games to be held in Wausau but only if 9 – mile has a warming shelter.

  • Both the Snekkevik Classic and State H. S. Champs were included as part of BSG.

  • Club raised money $47,000 for the warming shelter at 9-mile. – $37,000 in donations from local foundations, corporations, and club members. Club also took out a $10,000 loan from the County Visitor Council to pay for the construction costs.  Students from the North Central Technical College designed and built the shelter.

  • 03/88 – Hans Berg Award given to Janet Reichl.

  • 01/31/89 – Ribbon cutting for the Grand opening of the 9 – Mile Cross Country Ski Chalet.

  • Increased ski trail passes to $15 individual & $40 family.

  • Club purchased a generator for 9 – mile.

  • County put in a new 2.4-acre parking lot next to present lot.

1989 – 90

  • Lee Kelly President, Leo Baur Vice President, Allan Zimmermann Secretary, Joanne Kelly treasurer, Kick Kloppenburg Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry & Sandy Bourquin, Don Dixon, Tony & Sandy Fox, Steve Konkol, Jerry Kurtzweil, Kay Meyer, Craig Sanford, Mark Heyde, Ray Kirschhoffer

  • The Rib Mtn. town board turned down the clubs request for a $2,000 donation to help pay off the loan from Visitors Council (after Visitors Council suggested that they not donate the money).

  • 03/89 – Hans Berg Award Given to Harry & Sandy Bourquin.

1990 – 91

  • Lee Kelly President, Leo Baur Vice President, Jo Anne Kelly Treasurer, Ann Zimmermann Secretary, Chad McGrath Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Sandy Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Sandy & Tony Fox, Dan Leider, Barb Roberts, Steve Konkol, Ringle, Brian Buckli Brokaw Jim Gallagher & Harry Bourquin racing, Mike & Kathy McElwain Eau Pleine.

  • Brokaw trails continue being re-routed due to landfills and clear-cutting by Brokaw Mill, (club is considering future development on County land only).

  • Jr. Ski League racing teams started for grades 4 – 8 started club member Sue Zimbric and supported by Jammer’s Sport shop.

  • Bill Lambert and Steve Konkel start training for the Nordic Ski Patrol.

  • Area H. S. teams manned the “wax bench” from ’91 on and club matched money they made.  The money was used to support team programs and activities.

  • County purchased a new Track Truck groomer for $35,000.

  • County added a 2,000 sq. foot addition to existing shelter and a large garage for grooming equipment. $80,000 paid for by State and County funds.

  • Club donates old groomer to county Forestry Dept. and gets out of day-to-day grooming and insurance expenses.  Will focus on social and service programs.

  • Snekkevik and H.S. Champs asked to separate from BSG. Beginning in ’90.

  • The club under the leadership of Dan Leider will head up the food concessions during the BSG.

  • Snekkevik Classic moved to Indian Head trails due to lack of snow at 9 – Mile.

  • 03/90 – Hans Berg Award given to Tony and Sandy Fox.  Community Service Award given to Marathon County Forestry Department.

1991 – 92

  • Same Officers as last year except Paul Jahns Secretary.

  • Indian Head purchased adjacent County land and Trail closed for ’92 – ’93 season due to expansion of Golf Course to 18 holes.

  • County purchased land East of Sylvan Hill Park and extends ski trail.

  • Work on new shelter well underway.

  • 03/91 – Hans Berg Award given to Lee & Joanne Kelly.  Community Service Award given to Wisconsin Valley Radio Association.

1992 – 93

  • Dan Leider President, Brian Buckli Vice-President, Sandy Fox Treasurer, Paul Jahns Secretary, Chad McGrath Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Sandy Bourquin, Kathy McElwain, Steve Konkel, Nancy Gallagher, Bill Lambert, M. J. Slone, Sue Ford

  • Club Meetings moved to 9 – Mile.

  • Ringle trail improved and signed.

  • Classic and skating clinics offered by PSI certified instructors Al Limberg, Mark Parman, and Chad McGrath.

  • The club donated a new flagpole for use at the 9 – Mile Shelter.  Harry Bourquin  ‘s efforts made this possible.

  • A Senior Ski League formed by Russ (Spike) Burg.  Seniors will be given a discount on each Wednesday of the week at 9-Nile social after.

  • 03/92 – Hans Berg Award given to Sue Zimbric.  Community Service Award given to Builers Schwinn Cyclery.

  • Jr. Racing League re-named “Night Gliders”.

  • 2/8/93 – Open House held to show off new Chalet and facilities.

  • 9/93 – Brokaw abandoned due to Brokaw Mill utilizing front portion of trail to store pulpwood that cut off access to the back loops.

  • Ringle trail closed for year due to landfill expansion.

  • 6 Km Green Hills trail established.

  • 9/93 – $3,000 set aside for high school scholarships with only the interest to be used although additional funds could be assigned from general funds.

  • Scholarship fund for H. S. graduates $200/skier/school.

1993 – 94

  • Dan Leider President, Brian Buckli Vice President, Chad McGrath Treasurer, Paul Jahns Secretary Susan Ford Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Lee Kelly, Steve Konkel, Bill Lambert, Kathy McElwain, M. J. Slone

  • 11/93 – club approved funds to purchase and donate a mower to County for grooming.

  • Russian coaches Nikoli and Anotonia Anikin will give dry land and on – snow clinics in Wausau in Oct. and Dec.

  • 1/6 – 1/15 – UW Green Bay skiers, (and former Wausau West skiers), Phil Gallagher and Dan Goltz competed in Anchorage, Alaska at the trials for the U.S. Olympic Cross Country Ski Team.  They had some good races, but the results were not enough to make the team.

  • 03/93 – Hans Berg Award given to Jim Adams.  Community Service Award given to Builers Schwinn Cyclery.

1994 – 95

  • Dan Leider President, Brian Buckli Vice President, Chad McGrath Treasurer, Paul Jahns Secretary, Susan Ford Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Steve Konkel, Bill Lambert, M.J. Slone, Jeff Martin, Dennis Helke, Kate Lewien

  • Dennis Helke becomes the Social Events Chairman.

  • Club raised $15,000 to help County pay for their new $50,000 mower.

  • Club purchases a Video Camera to help feedback at clinics and high school teams etc.

  • 03/94 – Hans Berg Award given to Spike Berg. Community Service Award given to 29 Super Foods.

1995 – 96

  • Brian Buckli President, Chad McGrath Treasurer, Paul Johns Secretary, Susan Ford Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Steve Konkel, Bill Lambert, Jeff Martin, Dennis Helke, Dan Leider, Darrell Kurth

  • As a community project, the club adopted Red Bud Road (similar to Adopt – a – Highway litter program).

  • 2/7/95 – The 25th Year celebration held at Greenwood Hills Country Club.  Eight past presidents and club president, Brian Buckli, showed up for a group picture.

  • 09/14/95 – The Forestry Department installs a donation box at 9-Mile to help pay for trail maintenance from mountain bikers.

  • Trail fees at 9-Mile increases 50% to 70% to cover operating costs.  Some members of the club feel that the fees are too high and the board requested forest administrator Mark Heyde, to come the December meeting to explain why the increases are needed.

  • 12/13/95 – 303 skiers answered surveys out of 681 sent.  The survey will be used as a long-term planning tool.  9-Mile is the trail skiers used the most.  The number of loops and variety is most important to the respondents.  Providing Lighted trails was the greatest request for improvements.

  • 03/95 – Hans Berg Award given to Dan Leider. Community Service Award given to Wendy’s.

  • 09/27/96 – Club’s board approves money to purchase ski patrol equipment and a slide projector for guest speaker presentations.

1996 – 97

  • Jeff Martin & Dan Leider Co-Presidents

  • 08/96 – Brian Buckli Died (Diabetic, Heart problems).

  • 03/96 – Hans Berg Award given to Steve & Linda Konkel.

1997 – 98

  • Jeff Martin President, Jeff Hineuber Vice President, Anne Marshall Treasurer, Newuauer Secretary, Kevin Kessler Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Sue Ford, Nancy Gallagher, Denny Helke, Steve Konkel, Darrell Kurth, Dan Leider, Al Limberg, Mike Marshall, Paul Jahns

  • A trophy case was installed at 9 Mile to display pictures etc. of outstanding high school. Skiers.

  • Sue Ford steps down as editor, Steve Konkel steps down as director of Bill Koch League.

  • Kevin Kessler takes over as editor.

  • Ann Marshall takes over as director of Bill Koch League.

  • The board decided to welcome anyone who snowshoes as active members of the club.

  • 03/97 – The Hans Berg Nordic Service Award was given posthumously to Brian Buckli to Kathy Buckli.

1998 – 99

  • Jeff Martin President,  HineuberVice President, Anne Marshall Treasurer, Kate Placchetka & Kay Meyer Secretary, Kevin Kessler Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Denny Helke, Steve Konkel, Darrell Kurth, Dan Leider, Al Limberg, Mike Marshall, Paul Jahns, Rachel Kresse

  • After much work by members Gary Zimbric, Darrell Kurth and Jeff Martin, the Forestry, Recreation and Zoning Committee approved plans for a lighted trail at Nine Mile.  Thanks also to DNR forester Mark Heyde for his support for the project.

  • 2/7/98 – Bus trip to Minocqua Winter Park.

  • 2/14/98 – Winter Trails Day annual snowshoe outing held on the Ice Age Trail.  Will Sanford coordinator & Joel Braatz host the event.

  • Club Starts to raise Funds to help pay for the lighting project.  (Club hopes to come up with 10% of total cost).

  • 03/98 – Hans Berg Award given to Don Zempel.

1999 – 2000

  • Jeff Hineuber President, Rachel Kresse Vice President, Anne Marshall Treasurer, Kay Meyer Secretary, Trish Mittlesteadt & Anne Van Ert Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Dennis Helke, Paul Jahns, Dan Leider, Al Limberg, Jeff Martin, Sue Zimbric

  • Some logging took place on 9 Mile trails.  Trails graded, but club needs to pick loose rocks off the trails.

  • Thanks to Jeff Martin, Darrell Kurth, and Gary Zimbric the club raised $150,000 for the lighting project.  Club members and area skiers contributed $26,000; foundations, and the business community contributed the rest.  Gary also thanked Harry Bourquin, Jim Adams, Lee & Joann Kelly, Denny Helke, Greg Kresse and many others for their help.

  • 03/99 – Hans Berg Award given to Darrell Kurth.

  • 1/12/2000 – Lighting Ceremony at 7:00 followed by Skiing Under the Lights.

  • Van Ert made a major donation was ($10,000.00) in addition to their donations of labor and equipment for the lights.  The money was put into a money market fund until a mutual fund was selected.  Interest from the fund goes for the Van Ert Scholarship given to a H.S. ski team member each year.

2000 – 2001

  • Jeff Hineuber President, Rachel Kresse Vice President, Dave Borgemoen Treasurer, John Beatty Secretary, Trish Mittlesteadt & Anne Van Ert Newsletter, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Dennis Helke, Paul Jahns, Dan Leider, Jeff Martin, Sue Zimbric, John Howard

  • Jeff Hineuber heads up “Snow Striders” for children K to 5th grade, Greg Kresse heads up the “Night Gliders” for middle school children

  • The club donated $350.00 toward the purchase of a defibrillator for 9 mile ski patrol / chalet.

  • Club is working to raise money to purchase children’s ski packages to be available for rent at Nine Mile Chalet.

  • Nine Mile trails improved during the off-season thanks to John Howard, Jim Adams and Leo Baur and approximately 25 club members.

  • Wausau Newman H. S. team formed with Bill Bowler as coach.

  • The board approved a motion to donate 50% of the profits from the Snekkevik Classic race for the years 2001 – 2003 to the Wausau Nordic H. S. ski teams to promote high school racing.

  • 03/2000 – Hans Berg Award given to Nancy Gallagher.  Community Service Award given to Van Ert Electric Co.

2001 – 2002

  • Rachel Kresse President, Al Limberg Vice President, Hillary Scholz, Ann Gordon, Mary & Brad Windmiller Newsletter team, Babette Zehren Treasurer, John Beatty Secretary, Chairpersons / Board Members: Harry Bourquin, Nancy Gallagher, Dennis Helke, John Howard, Michelle Lee, Dan Leider, Jeff Martin

  • Twenty pairs of children’s skis, poles, and boots have been given to the county for rental next season.  $1,879 of which Jeff Hineuber raised from service groups.

  • Parks and Forestry Department Consolidate could affect skiing in Marathon County.

  • 03/01 – Hans Berg Award given to Jeff Martin.  Community Service Award given to Sue Leider and her DC Everest BSG Cookie Baking Class.

  • Forestry, Recreation and Zoning Committee support the continued partnership between the club and the county.  Gary Zimbric sees the consolidation as a plus because there would be more emphasis on recreation and less on forestry.

2002 – 2003

  • Same officers, Michelle Lee added to Newsletter team, Chairpersons / Board Members: Vicki Doede, Carl Drake, Nancy Gallagher, Denny Helke, Dan Leider

  • 01/02 – Carl Drake volunteered to coordinate a Ski Ambassador Program at Nine Mile.

  • 03/03 – Hans Berg Award given to Jeff Hineuber.

2003 – 2004

  • Al Limberg President, Rachel Kresse Newsletter, Babette Zahren Treasurer, and Chairpersons / Board Members: Vicki Doede, Carl Drake, Denny Helke, Dan Leider, and Barb McGuire

  • 01/04 – 1st Wave Nordic Ski Club from Appleton disbanded and donated $1,200 to the club.  The club uses the money to support youth ski programs.

  • Gary Zimbric and Al Limberg are the official representatives on the Marathon County Forestry Citizens Advisory Committee.

  • 03/04 – Hans Berg award given to Rachel Kresse.

2004 – 2005

  • Al Limberg President, Vicki Doede Newsletter, Babette Zahren Treasurer, Jeanne Alexejun Media, Chairpersons / Board Members: Carl Drake, Denny Helke, Dan Leider, Rachel Kresse, Rachel Pagel, Barb McGuire

  • Tracy Gorzek takes over as Head Coach of the East & West H.S. Teams,  Jim Gallagher and Greg Kresse are assistant coaches.  Perry Dau is the Everest Coach, and Newman Catholic team merged with other Merawood schools to form a co-op team with Bill Bowler as coach.

  • 03/05 – Hans Berg award given to Denny Helke.

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